Thursday, 11 March 2010

Draft Prospect - Donatas Motiejunas

Vital stats
Position: Centre/Power Forward
Height: 7’0”/2.13m
Weight: 224 lbs/101 kg
Date of birth: 09/20/1990
Current Club: Benetton Treviso

Strengths: Donatas is a highly touted, talented centre coming out of Benetton Treviso (the same team that produced NBA draftees such as Toni Kukoc, Jorge Garbajosa and Andrea Bargnani) and is a shooting centre with range all the way out to the 3-point line and can hit it from almost anywhere, as well as this he has a good dribble-drive and can finish with either hand, resulting in him being exceptionally hard to guard.

Donatas has great agility and athleticism, and European Prospects’ take notes that “The combination of talent, size, coordination and skills is rare in European basketball,” i.e. as well as being a great outside threat, he can bring it inside and has a range of interior moves. His great court visibility and height mean that when double-teamed, he can easily spot the open man and hit him for the assist.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New York Knicks Made Mistake Picking Hill

In Junes 2009 NBA draft the New York Knicks picked up Jordan Hill, a 6ft 10" Power Forward from the University of Arizona. What they really neaded thought was an actual Point Guard who could run the team better then Chris Duhon and one that might help convince Lebron James to go to New York in the summer.

The 2009 Draft was guard heavy, and the Knicks had the 8th pick to pick one up, Brandon Jenning was still availible, Ty Lawson, Jrue Holiday, Darren Collison and Eric Maynor are just some of those that were also on the board when New York picked but still they decided to pick a PF.

Then after playing for New York for 24 games Jordan Hill was traded to Houston, Arizona, in part of the Tracy McGrady trade, luckily for him he now gets to play alongside ex-college team mate Chase Buddinger.... for the rest of the story go to -

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Who Can Beat LA Come Play-Off Time?

When the season started the LA Lakers were supposed to be the un-disputed champions of the West especially after bringing in Ron Artest to replace Tevor Ariza and re-signing Lamar Odom.

However now the Dallas Mavericks have gone 9 straight games without a loss and are 9 and 1 in there last 10, only losing to the Oklahoma City Thunder the day after the trade deadline when Caron was new to the team and they were still building chemistry.

Now though Dallas are steam rolling towards the top stop in the West and have received a huge boost after beating the Lakers (without Kobe) in Dallas. If Dallas can continue this run long into the playoffs much like Golden State did back in 2007..... Read the full article at

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Free Agency Hopes For The Chicago Bulls

Summer 2010 - The biggest free agency period in the history of the NBA, with players such as Lebron, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Joe Johnson, Ray Allen, Shaq, Dirk (eto), Paul Peirce (eto), Kobe (player option), David Lee the list goes on and on.......

New York will look to sign a player like Lebron and if they dont get him then its Chris Bosh, in general the Knicks will sign whoever they can get because if they dont the fan's will be looking for blood.

Boston will probably try to keep Paul Peirce and Ray Allen and then if they want to they may try to get someone to trade for Allen to get some more young bodies.

Dirk will stay in Dallas because its his team and they are still serious title contenders.

Everyone will try to get everyone, as a Bulls fan however I have one player that I hope will decide to sign for Chicago.........

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Chicago Bulls Playoff Hopes

The playoff hopes of the Chicago Bulls rest firmly on the shoulders of Derrick Rose, however for thus team to be competitive in the playoffs they need the bench and other starters just to step it up a notch.
Rookie power forward Taj Gibson has to continue his stellar play and grab rebounds while also bringing that youth and energy to the squad, Brad Miller who has played brilliantly as a back up centre to Joakim Noah has to continue to play well off the bench and score more inside resulting hopefully in fouls on opposing big men.
Starting shooting guard Kirk Hindrich played well in last years series with the Celtics but then he was a back up to Rose whereas thus year he will be starting and will need to continue to play well in crunch time.
Joakim Noah has to overcome injuries and give us a series much like last year but hopefully even better, Joakim brings hustle to the squad much like Kevin Garnett does for Boston.......

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