Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Chicago Bulls Playoff Hopes

The playoff hopes of the Chicago Bulls rest firmly on the shoulders of Derrick Rose, however for thus team to be competitive in the playoffs they need the bench and other starters just to step it up a notch.
Rookie power forward Taj Gibson has to continue his stellar play and grab rebounds while also bringing that youth and energy to the squad, Brad Miller who has played brilliantly as a back up centre to Joakim Noah has to continue to play well off the bench and score more inside resulting hopefully in fouls on opposing big men.
Starting shooting guard Kirk Hindrich played well in last years series with the Celtics but then he was a back up to Rose whereas thus year he will be starting and will need to continue to play well in crunch time.
Joakim Noah has to overcome injuries and give us a series much like last year but hopefully even better, Joakim brings hustle to the squad much like Kevin Garnett does for Boston.......

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