Tuesday, 2 February 2010

3rd Post Today

I dont know if their is like a record for the number of posts made in a day however I have alot to write and not alot of time t write it because tommorrow I will have thought of something else and something else and I will just forget so I may aswell write it all now just in case.

This article will be about Jeff Green -

Oklahoma City is a rebuilding team with a few corner stones such as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green is another one, Jeff was aquired from he Boston Celtics in the Ray Allen trade a trade that changed the face of the NBA, back then he was in Seattle now he and his team mates are balling for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is currently the teams 3rd leading scorer averaging 14.2 points per game, he is also grabing 6.2 reounds per contest 2nd on the team only behind Kevin Durant who is probably a future M.V.P Jeff Green is developing, Oklahoma is supposed to be rebuilding as in starting from the begining it was supposed to take them years and years to become a normal team (maybe 10th in the west) but no this team is thinking playoffs as in top 8 in the west they are basically aready there along with suprise team Memphis, This wasnt supposed to happen this fast but this wasnt supposed to have a future M.V.P s soon and they werent sure if Russell Westbrook was going to develop this well. The final addition to this Playoff potential team is Jeff Green scoring on offence and defending the opposing teams big men suc as Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan sometimes even Dwight Howard. Jeff Green has made that step up to playoff player and because of this Oklahoma has made the step to playoff team

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