Sunday, 7 February 2010

Rookie VS Sophomore Review

Rookie Team

Brandon Jennings - Milwaukee Bucks - PG

Jennings will be tested in this game, Derrick Rose is a great defender and will make him force shots and force turnovers, Jennings however is used to pressure he is used to it, im 100% sure if you can score 55 points in your 7th NBA game then you can handle it so expect plenty of highlights from this guy. Jennings is also the top rookie for assists and is amazingly creative so he should have no trouble feedng players the ball in this game.

Dejuan Blair - San Antonio Spurs - PF/C

Blair is one of those players that I was shocked to see drop so low I hoped he would go to the Nets or maybe around there but teams were worried by his knees fortunately the Spurs seemed to be able to handle it os now he is learning from Tim Duncan! Blair is short for his position but more than makes up for it with his strenght and determination, expect him to use his strength to box out the sophomores taller forwards, grab rebounds and finish strong.

Omar Casspi - Sacramento Kings - SF/PF

Omar is a solid long range shooter and both he and Steph Curry will spread the defence for Evans and Jennings to drive to the hole, Also as we all know he is the first Israli to play in the NBA and therefore the first Israli to play in the all star weekend hopefully he will be able to represent well on the national/international level.

Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors - PG/SG

Steph will hopefully take part in both the rookie game and 3-point shootout (I have already predicted him as one of the NBA's best shooters) and like Casspi above he will spread the floor. He is also a good defender and will hopefully be a good match for either Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose. His versatlility will be hard to guard as he has a knack for getting to the rim and drawing contact.

Jonas Jerebko - Detroit Pistons - SF

He is playing well recently for the under-performing Pistons in place of Tayshaun Prince, I did hope that Demar Deroz would be in this position but I cant really argue as it cant be changed however Jonas is a good scorer with a goor feild goal percentage he also knows the meaning of hard work and hustle and hes shown that recently for the scrappy Pistons.

James Harden - Oklahoma City Thunder - SG/PG

Harden is another legitimate shooter however he can be quite streaky, one night he can go for maybe 80% from three point range and the next game hit 1 from 6. James is doing a great job as a scorer and defender coming off the bench for the young Thunder team he has accepted his role as a sixth-man and is also developing well as a facilitator not just a scorer.

Taj Gibson - Chicago Bulls - PF/SF

Being a Bulls fan I am glad to see Taj getting recognition from other coaches around the league unfortunately Rose wont be throwing him ally-oops but I will be happy to either see Taj block his sophomore team mate and/or get dunked on by Rose. Either way Gibson is a great pick for this team and him and Blair will hopefully rack-up rebounds for this shorer team.

Jonny Flynn - Minnesota Timberwolves - PG

Another PG for this short team luckily this guy is fearless and wont hesitate going up against stronger, taller defenders, his shot however has been off lately hopefully he will be able to get it going during this game if not he has the skills and vision to assist his team mates and lockdown the sophomore PG.

Tyreke Evans -Sacramento Kings - PG/SG

Tyreke is probably Rookie of the year looking to joing only those select few who have averaged 20-5-5 in their rookie season (Lebron. MJ, The Big O) and he is pretty much the future of the Kings young team. Expect Tyreke to work his magic in this game and come away with the most valuable player trophy.
I predict Sophomore win but in the closest game ever played between rookies and sophomores.

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