Monday, 8 February 2010

Rookie VS Sophomore Review

Sophomore Team

Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder - PG

Russell is one of the leagues young PG's and has developed his game well in Oklahoma, the worries scouts had of his being a play maker are all but gone, he along with Kevin Durant and Jeff Green are leading a young team into a playoff contender down in OKC and is one of the entertaining high flying dunkers.

Kevin Love - Minnesota Timberwolves - PF

Kevin Love is one of my favorite players he can throw the longest out-let pass in the league with about 80% accuracy, he's a great rebounder and he is pretty much a double double machine, when he is assisting guards like Russell, OJ Mayo, Eric Gordon & Anthony Morrow expect him to maybe rack up a triple double in this game with the outlet passes and court vision.

Brooke Lopez - New Jersey Nets - C

Brooke is one of few bright spots in the New Jersey Nets future, they don't know where they will be playing next season probably Newark and then maybe Brooklyn after that but Brooke is still playing strong for this weak team scoring in double digits, rebounding in near double digits, he challenges everyone including Al Horford (All-Star) and Dwight Howard. and maybe one day will be an All-Star himself. We can only hope.

Michael Beasley - Miami Heat - PF

After a season of mishaps and dreadful numbers compared to what was expected of him Beasley is actually starting to contribute well this season and is deserving of a position on this team. Expect him to prove he is worth of the number 2 pick in the draft after Derrick Rose in this game. He should also dominate smaller opposition.

Marc Gasol - Memphis Grizzlies - C

A 7ft 1'' Centre from Spain, Marc is filling in well in place of his brother (Pau) since being traded to Memphis, Marc is part of the reason Memphis are in a playoff position and challenging for a good playoff seed. He is (along with Brooke Lopez) one of the best young Centres in the league and could turn into a huge force in the league in years to come.

Danilo Gallinari - New York Knicks - SF

Danilo is a great shooter and will be a good match-up between him and Omar Casspi, he will be taking part in the 3 point contest and has already guaranteed victory however i feel he will be disappointed and the rookie who beats him (Stephen Curry) in the 3 point shoot-out will also do well against him in this game as well.

Eric Gordon - LA Clippers - SG/PG

Eric is a terrific scorer, he is gunna be taking part in the Dunk-In at half time and will want to out show his rookie opponent both in the Dunk-In and over all rookies in the rookie challange, Eric shouldnt have much trouble guarding Tyreke Evans as both are sround the same size.

Anthony Morrow - Golden State Warriors - SF/SG

Probably the 2nd best Warrior in this game behind Stephen Curry, Anthony supprised alot of people during summer league and is incredibly entertaining he still holds the record for most points scored by an undrafted player look for him to set new records in this game.

OJ Mayo - Memphis Grizzlies - SG

OJ is one of the top young SG's in the L, Kobe has bragged about his work ethic, scoring and defence so obviously he's gunna be good, if Kobe thinks his defence is good he should have no problem guarding the likes of Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, James Harden and Jonny Flynn. He is a great scorer and shouldnt struggle getting to the hole against this smaller opposition.

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