Tuesday, 2 February 2010

All-Star Reserves Review

East Reserves -

Rajon Rondo - When the Boston traded for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett people worried about the Celtics especially at the PG position, Rajon has silenced those doubters and me included, he lead the Celtis to a championship, and now has 21 double doubles and 1 tripple double this season. Hes playing better than almost every other Celtic and looks to be the future of the franchise. so far this season his averages are - PPG 14.1 RPG 4.30 APG 9.7
Derrick Rose - In only his second season Derrick Rose has become an All-Star and probably the best point guard in the east along with Rondo mentioned above. He is the 1st Bull to make the All-Star team since MJ and those are big shoes to fill, his season averages are - PPG 19.7 RPG 3.70 APG 5.9
Joe Johnson - So far this season Atlanta have exceeded expectations, Joe Johnson is the main reason for this, sure Josh Smith has shot fewer three's than ever in his career but Joe is the soul of this team and the franchise star unfortunately in the All-Star game Dwayne Wade will be starting and Joe may not get big time minutes. Averages PPG 21.4 RPG 4.80 APG 4.8
Chris Bosh - The best player in Canada and one of the best in the NBA, Chris Bosh is developing into one of the best plyers/best PF's in the league and im so glad hes been voted in by the coaches as an All-Star. his season averages are - PPG 24.0 RPG 11.4 APG 2.2
Paul Peirce - Pierce is getting old yet he is able to still do what hes always done, Score, Paul is averaging a team high 18.9 points and will be team together with Rajon Rondo coming off the bench for the East. Pauls season averages are PPG 18.9 RPG 4.7 APG 3.4
Gerald Wallace - Has deserved to be a season for the past few years and has developed well in Charlotte (hes the franchises 1st All-Star) espcially now he has been joined by Stepen Jackson who is another solid scorer for the Bobcats, Gerald is averaging a rediculous 11 rebounds per game! hes only 6ft 7, his other averages are PPG 19.2 RPG 11.0 APG 1.9
Al Horford - I like Al however other players were over looked in this position such as David Lee (19.6ppg, 11.5rebs ) and Joakim Noah (11.4ppg, 12.2rebs) instead they will have Al who dont get me wrong I do like but has averages of 13.3PPG, 9.6 RPG & 2.2 APG
Tommorrow we look at the West reserves

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