Monday, 8 February 2010

The Shame at Fordham

When I was playing Under 14 basketball back in 2002 (I think) we went on a great trip to New York to take part in the Minutemen international tournament, this took place on the campus of Fordham therefore I developed a liking for this university I was actually there for the first game at the new Houlihan park where Fordham played Temple, I liked the university as a team and as a place, unfortunately Fordham is 0 - 9 in confrence play and 2 - 19 overall, pretty bad as you can see and I dont understand why? they have a nice court Rose Hill Gym, one of the oldest in college basketball, they have a relatively strong team and a good coach, so why cant they get a win in their confrence against teams like Massachusetts I hope to see Fordham improve over the years and I hope that they look into the players who once attended their college to play basketball in small tournaments such as this one they could look into the players who played along side me in that tournament, players such as Spencer Wells who im sure will one day play college basketball in the USA, Sam Dye who has developed well last season and this and is probably one of the best dunkers I have seen. There are also the players on the other Solent squads who attended that camp, Andy Salmon who is the quickest yet small point guard currently playing in high school in the states but should end up on a college roster next season.
Fordham are playing really bad and I think they need to look over their options so that they can improve in the future one of their options is the Solent teams who played in their gyms along time ago.

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