Thursday, 4 February 2010

Robin Lopez an Extra Year in College Would Have Helped

His brother Brooke (nets) made the right decision leaving the NCAA a season early looking for sucsess in the NBA, Robin however did not need to follow him there, he was probably just too scared to stay at Stamford without his brother maybe he just couldn't stand being the lone 7 footer in the once feared twin peaks offence, so being tall and packed with potential he decided to declare for the draft and who wouldn't want a young 7 footer who would improve with time, he got drafted by the suns to play and learn from Amare and Shaq unfortunately he didn't develop as quickly as hoped, the Suns didn't make the playoffs and this summer they decided to bring in Channing Frye to play his position. Robin I feel would have had a better career had he stayed at college for an extra year and got used to not having another 7 footer to help you out especially when it's your bro who's got your back. If he had entered into Junes draft instead of when he did entre he could have gone higher (as there are not that many solid big men in this years class) and to a team that actually needs a 7 footer, he would have also developed better as a player. Instead he will have to wait develop slowly and probably just be a useful 7 foot bench warmer and only be use in blowout wins or losses always wishing he had stayed in college that extra year.

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