Friday, 5 February 2010

All-Star Review 2010

Starters West

C - Amar'e Stoudemire - Doesnt actually play centre for the Phoenix Suns but he is averaging 20.8 points per game, 8.8 rebounds 55% feild goal percentage but unfortunately on 1 assist, fortunately Amar'e is a great dunker and will be a good player to defend Dwight Howard, He is a strong player and will be a good match both offensively and defensively for the West and should put up a few highlights. Oh and working with Steve Nash will make him even better.

PF - Tim Duncan - Having one of his best scoring season propbably helps that he has had many games having DNP due to rest and also Dejuan Blair has been filling in well for him. Tim usually has parker giving him the ball and will also benefit from having Nash to find him open more often. He is also a solid rebounder (around 10 per game) and this will help him get serious put backs and tip ins in this all star game. However if this game is about entertainment I dont see how well tim will fit in.

SF - Carmelo Anthony - The league leader in points per game (29.7) could get All star game M.V.P this year depending on how well he defends Lebron, Hes a great shooter (46% fg) and a good dunker, he will provide plenty of highlights all will do well in this game. As this game is usually about entertainment expect to see something different from Melo compared to his usual games, such as Alley-Opps, Threes, Fericious Dunks and well actually what he normally does in games.

SG - Kobe Bryant - 4th leading scorer averaging 28.3 points per game playing lots of games injured, usually a bad finger, but he also shares his scoring options with the likes of Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum & Ron Artest. Kobe can pretty much score from any where and he was last years co-mvp with Shaq so expect great things from this guy.

PG - Steve Nash - One of the leagues top point guards and playing better than he did when he won back to back M.V.P's hes averaging 11 assists per game so expect him to maybe break the all star game assist record especially playing along side guys such as those above. However dont think that he cant score Nash has an amazing aray of lay-ups and is one of the leagues purest shooters.

Starters East

C - Dwight Howard
- 13.3 Rebounds per game, 13.3 really, he dunked on a 12 foot rim, hes been in dunk contests, he is an amazing dunker and hes going to be in a game thats all about entertainment, and he also needs to be the centre in this league who may have to one day fill in for Shaq look for his to start to do that at this all star game.

PF - Kevin Garnett - Unless his Knee gives out and he cant play then im really looking forward to Tim Duncan VS Kevin Garnett, two of the best Power Forwards ever to play the game. His turn around fade away jumper VS Timmys straight up bank shot off the glass could be a great game, hopefully very entertaining.

SF - Lebron James - Another great match-up in Lebron VS Melo however I think this one may be more high scoring and high soaring than the one above. Lebron is looking to be M.V.P again and would like to add another all star M.V.P. to his resumme before the summer of trades.

SG - Dwayne Wade - One of the most athletic and dominant SG's to play the game, also one of the best defensive players and definately the best shooting guard when it comes to blocking shots, Wade can also being it on the Offensive end with high flying dunks and break aways generated by his great wing defence.

PG - Allen Iverson - I like AI but do I think he is worthy of starting PG position on the all star team NO will I miss him when he does finally go YES, Thankfully the reserves have been leaked and apparently Rose and Rondo will be backing him up this could mean he can move over to the two guard and be a sub for d-wade.


East win as long as Iverson either doesnt play much or proves that hes deserving of an all star position

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