Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Washington Wizards

For the past few years I have been able to say with pride that my favorite team is the Washington Wizards, 3 all stars - Arenas, Butler & Jamison, solid back-ups in Nick Young, JaVale McGee & Andray Blatche. I no longer feel this team anymore and my new favorite is now the Chicago Bulls, as a kid I grew up as a Bulls fan but thats was when I wasnt really interested in basketball, then I pretty much liked every team, as I got older and started watching and following basketball closer I decided that Arenas was my favorite player and therefore Washington my favorite team, I liked the kit I had a kit which living in England is hard to get trust me, I would check the box scores daily but they let me down.
This season Gilbert Arenas made a mistake, a big mistake, however that does not mean that the Washington organization who made this man their star ($111 million dollar contract) now has to turn their back on him and remove ever sign of Arenas from the arena and everything which has any reference to him behing a Wizard. Basketball is a brotherhood and the Washington Wizards turned their back on a brother.
Washington was my favorite team and Gilbert was my favorite player, times change, players change. I now have a new favorite team probably the team I loved the most all my life i just didnt know it, im a Bull and will always be a Bull, but when it comes to Washington I have lost respect, I have lost that love that I felt for this organization, players make mistakes its up to the team to either help a team mate out or leave him out to the dogs so that he can be beaten down.
Washington has left Gilbert out to the dogs mistakes happen and Washington have made the biggest mistake.
What they need now is a change, basically get rid of everyone, maybe keep Earl Boykins because he's playing pretty solid, Washington you need to re-build get rid of Butler & Jamison let them challange for a chip because they aint gunna get it playing for you. Let the youth that you have go, Blatche has a bit of an attitude thats why hes been suspended so much, Nick Young no matter how much I like him would be better off coming off the bench for a sub-par team.
Lose games, get a high pick, clear cap space and sign an all-star in the free agencey.
Washington its up to you to make this team a contender that you were supposed to be this season but now it will take another 5-10 years instead of 1.

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